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Limited government The role of government should be limited to vital functions that promote the general welfare and quality of life for all citizens. Ken believes Governmental policies should support promote business and economic development. Personal and business freedoms should be protected from undue governmental regulations.

Keeping taxes low Keeping more money in taxpayers’pockets provides greater control over their financial well being.

Valuing life and constitutional freedoms It is important to value life from the womb to the grave. Our constitutional freedoms must be protected through adhering to the original intent of our foundational document.

Promoting Free Enterprise Personal initiative and the drive for success and innovation is promoted through the free enterprise system. A system that rewards creativity and risk taking is the key to keeping our state and nation strong.through a focus on key issues.

Quality Education  Maximize dollars spent on instruction. Graduation rates must be improved through defined standards, accountability and equipping students for success in the work force and higher education. Parents should have the right to determine the school best for their children.

Fiscal responsibility State budget reform is a key issue faced by policy makers. We need as system that allows us to prioritize the greatest needs in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.

Better roads & infrastructure Roads, transportation and infrastructure are vital to our economic well being and quality of life in Colorado. A stable and adequate funding strategy is critical to our future.

Economic Development - New businesses should be welcomed to Colorado that will provide jobs and add value to our economy and culture. Excessive regulations and fees drive up costs and make it difficult for the payment of adequate wages to workers.

Protecting personal property  rights- Government at any level should not be allowed to take personal residential property for the benefit of private business or solely the economic enhancement of government.

Protecting open space, parks & trails -Protecting Colorados scenic and recreational areas and our environment is important to our quality of life.

Health Care Reform -    Make health care affordable and assessable through reducing red tape, providing consumers greater flexibility and choice, adequate reimbursement rates for Medicaid, tort reform and reducing defensive medicine.

Energy and Environment- Conservation and responsible exploration are twin components that will enable us to secure our energy independence. Heavy regulations and excessive fees discourage key discoveries and drives up the cost of energy.

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